Ever wanted to know what you actually look like in the water?

Ever wondered whether those drills you've been performing are having a positive effect on your stroke.

Book in for a swim analysis and correction session with us.


What you'll get:


  • Full HD video of your stroke from multiple angles both above and below the water
  • A review and analysis of your stroke on poolside using slow motion software
  • Prescription of correctional drills to address any stroke flaws
  • Review of elite swimmers to compare your stroke to theirs
  • A chance to pracise the drills to ensure correct technique
  • Fully annotated footage of your swim session provided for you to review at home



60 minute initial session - £65

Ideal for the first session so that you get a chance to review everything and pracise any drills


45 minute follow up session - £45

Follow on sessions to review progress after an initial consultation

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