Do you have pain or discomfort when riding your bike?

Struggling to maintain an effective position for the duration of your race?

Looking for someone to help you get the best out of your cycling?

We offer premium bike fitting services to anyone wishing to improve comfort and efficiency on their bike

Why Choose 360?

Here at 360 BikeFit we are interested in setting your bike up for YOU

What makes us different?

Unlike most other fitting processes, our philosophy is to take a true 360 degree view of you and your bike and make the required adjustments to maximise your potential.

We won't use static measurements, ratios, prescribed angles for range of motion or isolated physiological markers to determine the best fit for you because none of these methods take into account your personal individual physiology. We work with you and consider your unique characteristics before making recommendations and changes. After all, we are all unique and what works for one person may not work for the next. We pride ourselves in creating a bespoke fit for you.

Our services are covered by a 90 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. Try us. What do you have to lose?

We currently provide fitting services for Road and Time Trial/Triathlon bikes

What We Do

Fitting Options

We currently provide the following fit options. All covered by our 90 day full money back if not happy guarantee.

Cleat Setup

This is a session to set up cleats on a single pair of of shoes according to your individual riding style and physiology.

Expected duration: up to 90 minutes

Price* £60 (£25 per additional pair)

Full Bike Fit

This is our comprehensive fit option which includes the cleat set up (see left), physiological assessment and fit for a single bike.

Expected duration: up to 4 hours

Price* £150 - road bike

          + £60 for each additional bike

          + £20 for aero bars or TT/Tri bike

Prices above are for the fitting service only and do not include any parts/accessories or fit tailoring items required. Typically, these can include:

    arch support insoles



    stem (if a change in length is required)

    saddle (depending upon customer requirements)

* Our price includes any follow up visits required to tweak your setup within 90 days

*NEW* Bike Box Hire

We have a hard bike box for hire at competitive rates.

up to 7 days     - £20

8-10 days          - £25

11-14 days         - £30

Rates for longer periods available on request.


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